e-Job Fair

ButuanON, LigON!!!
Reminders to all:
1. This is an e-Job Fair, all applications will be online
2. We will not cater to walk-in applicants.
Here's how to apply:
1. Make sure you have a Gmail account.
2. Click the link.
3. Fill out the PESO Form correctly then submit. 
4. You will be redirected to the employers' and vacancies list.
5. If you have already logged in to your Gmail account you will be redirected to the employer's application form, if not you will be asked to log in to your gmail account.
6. Fill out the application form, upload your resume, submit.
7. Wait for the employer's response.
(Employers will be screening 1000 plus applications, so let's give them ample time)
Here's the Link!!!
Our e-Job Fair is now officially open!!!

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