Butuan City is known for its dazzling historic sceneries and eye-catching landscapes. It is a city filled with rich history and varied cultures, and it also doesn’t fall short when it comes to having beautiful faces. This year, 26 hopeful ladies who will be representing their respective Barangays will attempt to win the one of the most coveted pageant titles in Butuan.

Evolving over the years, the Mutya Hong Butuan is an annual event that is held in line with the celebration of the month-long Balangay Festival. It is an activity that showcases the timeless grandeur of candidates that come from different parts of Butuan. The pageant takes pride in its Butuanon identity by selecting Butuanon artists to design the candidates’ attires. The event will also feature the rebirth of Butuan: a fusion between the old and new values that will make up a modern Butuanon woman. It will also give each Barangay the opportunity to endorse their delicacies, aside from the candidates that represent them.

Mutya Hong Butuan 2017 aims to emphasize the ideal Butuanon lady. As in the words of a prominent Butuanon: “Ang butuanon nga daga, maisog, pero mapinanggaon. Antigo manikaysikay, makugi patsaong masunoron”. She that can thrive and succeed in the modern world while recognizing her roots and including it in the formation of her identity as a woman. 

So who will be your bet to win this year’s pageant? Will your Barangay be the proudest root of a Mutya Hong Butuan winner? Follow their journey as they compete to become this year’s Mutya Hong Butuan.


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